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In order to sustain hunting in Haute Porte’s field, created by Jean-Yves de Vaubernier, his son, Bruno, decided to hand its management over to Louis Arnaud L’herbier.

Bruno and I are seeking to combine our skills to develop and carry on the field’s expertise in shooting flying targets while respecting the values of excellence of its creator.

In the early 19th, pheasant was already hunted in Haute-Porte among with partridge, hare and rabbit.

The 400 hectars wide land of hills that lay above a river constitute a spectacular biotope where pheasant are hunted just like in England.

In 30 years, Jean-Yves de Vaubernier never cessed to refine the birds selection to offer a hunting flying target adapted to the most sophistaced individual in an extraordinary environment.

With Tania de Bourbon Parme, it’s dear to my heart to prolong this french traditional art of living.

Welcome to the Haute-Porte.

Louis Arnaud l'Herbier

Louis Arnaud l'Herbier